Our company is the largest manufacturer of DHDPS (dihydroxydiphenylsulfone) in Japan.
In addition, since its establishment, we have been manufacturing various chemical intermediates by utilizing sulfonation, which is our specialty technology.

Regarding DHDPS (Dihydroxydiphenylsulfone)

The central sulfonyl bond of DHDPS (dihydroxydiphenylsulfone) is characterized by strong electron withdrawing properties and chemical stability. Furthermore, the hydroxyl group of DHDPS has higher acidity compared to ordinary phenolic compounds such as phenol, cresol, dihydroxydiphenylpropane and tannic acid, and its hydrogen bond strength is used in various fields. For example, in the past, it has been used as a heat-resistant super engineering plastic monomer, taking advantage of its chemical stability, in dyeing aids (nylon fix agents) and thermal paper developer.

Regarding DHDPS (Dihydroxydiphenylsulfone)

DHDPS application examples

Monomers for super engineering plastics

Flame retardants

Developer for thermal paper

Epoxy resin

Water-soluble resin

Thermosetting resin

We supply a wide range of DHDPS from high-purity products of 99.8% to low-purity products according to customer requirements.
Typical product standards are as follows.

Appearance White powder White powder Pink powder
Moisture 0.1% max. 0.2% max. 1.0% max.
Melting point 249℃ min. 247℃ min. 240℃ min.
Purity 99.8% min.* 99.5% min.* 95% min.*
2,4'-Isomer content 0.1% max. 0.5% max.  
Acid content      

*:HPLC area%

Other products


Qutemol is used to create 3D models of DHDPS.