Contract manufacturing system

IT custom manufacturing

There are various risks and losses in the process from development to industrialization. The reason for it is that there is a phase difference between the closed part in the early stage of development, the design / simulation for prototyping and mass production, and the production system aimed at mass production. Even within the same company, there are double jobs, time lags and omissions due to different departments and positions. To solve this problem, we introduced a business model for pharmaceutical custom manufacturing in addition to the development of design and development management regulations. A manufacturing method that joins from the development stage on the premise of commissioning and connects everything from lab sample synthesis to pilot scale prototyping and industrialization with investment. That is IT custom (manufacturing). We also conduct factory tours, so please check with your own eyes.

IT custom manufacturing

Concurrent engineering

Under the design and development management regulations, we introduce a development method (concurrent engineering) that optimizes the entire development process up to mass production by simultaneously carrying out various operations from laboratory to industrialization.

Design and development management rules
System from the design and development stage to commercialization

Design and development management rules

  • Information sharing across the organization at each stage such as design, trial production and production
  • At each stage, deliberations on laws and regulations, risks, environment, quality and commercialization make advancement of management decisions
  • Promote work in parallel without waiting for completion of the previous stage
  • Feedback of the knowledge of the later stage to the previous process and solve the problem in advance

Taking advantage of these merits, etc., we will make products that can be relied upon by ensuring both precise work without omissions and high efficiency (shortening processes and reducing costs). We anticipate and solve problems that customers may have in the future.


Stage 0 development activities

Based on requests from customers, we will support their products from the early stages of development by investigating manufacturing proposals, legal responses and patent infringement possibilities.

In August 2019, Scifindern user interview was published at JAICI (Chemical Information Association).
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In addition, industrialization studies will be carried out from this stage.
By being involved in the customer's product from the early stages of development, it will lead to faster development.

Stage 0 development activities


1st stage small experiment prototype

Through prototypes such as small experiments, we will confirm the quality and economic efficiency demanded by customers and conduct industrialization studies aimed at scale-up.

R&D/E of Konishi Chemical
We will conduct preliminary verification based on chemical engineering.

Specific examples of considerations Measurement and measures of reaction heat Cost reduction proposal Filtration data acquisition and filterability improvement Confirmation and improvement of liquid separation Confirmation of stirring effect

1st stage small experiment prototype


2nd stage Scale-up prototype

Trial manufacture is performed on a scale of 50 to 2000L, and customers evaluate the prototype.

We verify the validity of industrialization process, disaster prevention safety and the need for capital investment.

2nd stage  Scale-up prototype


Stage 3 Trial production of this equipment

This is a stage to examine equipment design, manufacturing cost, and economic efficiency for the purpose of full-scale production.
For commercialization of customers' products, we will manufacture prototypes at 4kL to 15kL scale commercial mass production plants.
We propose an optimal production system with a mother factory (headquarters factory) trained in a cluster of chemical manufacturers and a next-generation smart factory (Fukui factory) that incorporates the idea of IoT.

Stage 3  Trial production of this equipment


Stage 4 Full-scale production

We will carry out regular production activities at full-scale production facilities.

Stage 4 Full-scale production

Development plant

First development plant

  • Corresponding to the production of a small variety of products (capacity 50L to 2000L)
  • Use as a pilot plant
  • Clean filling area (class 100,000)
  • Production results

Organic compounds for electronic materials, high value-added polymers, pharmaceutical intermediates

First development plant

Reactor(GL、50L) Reactor(GL、50L)

Reactor(SUS、2000L) Reactor(GL、2000L)

Conical dryer(GL) Conical dryer(GL)

4PEX (second development plant)

In the new pilot plant that started operation in October 2018,
New equipment can be introduced to meet customer requirements.

  • Corresponding to the production of a small variety of products (capacity 100L to 1000L)
  • Use as a pilot plant
  • Contamination prevention by inorganic / organic separation
  • Clean filling area (class 100,000), UV light blocking lighting
  • Smarter plant management
  • Free space available for future installation

4PEX (second development plant)

Reactor(1000L GL) Reactor(1000L GL)

Reactor(2000L SUS316) Reactor(200L SUS316L)

Pressure filters(100L SUS316) Pressure filters(GL)

Conical dryer(GL) Conical dryer(GL)

Centrifuge(Hastelloy Explosion-proof) Centrifuge(Hastelloy Explosion-proof)

Yellow room Yellow room

Fourth plant

  • For commercial production(4k~15kL)
  • Multi-product compatible(multipurpose)
  • Independence of drying / filling area(contamination prevention)
  • Free space available for future installation

Fourth plant

Reactor(GL、10kL) Reactor(GL、10kL)

Reactor(SUS316L、13kL) Reactor(SUS316L、13kL)

Centrifuge(Hastelloy) Centrifuge(Hastelloy)

Development plant equipment list


Analytical instrument list