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What is PSQ ?
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The polysilsesquioxane (PSQ) is a silicon resin synthesized by using trifunctional organosilane compounds and is an organic/inorganic hybrid material that combines the inorganic characteristics presented by the siloxane bond (Si-O-Si), which constitutes the main chain, and the organic characteristics presented by the organic functional group that constitutes the side chain. Various products are synthesized by mainly using organo-trichlorosilane and organo-trialkoxysilane as the raw materials.

Features of PSQ

PSQ has a feature where the design flexibility is very high since the siloxane bond of the inorganic structure shows excellent transparence, heat resistance, hardness, and electrical resistance, and the organic functional group gives such functions as compatibility or dispersion stability, adjustment of fraction factor and permittivity, and reactivity (epoxy, acryl, etc.). More specifically, the organic functional group conquers the disadvantages of organic materials, including brittleness, flexibility, formability, and reactivity, and the siloxane bond supplements the disadvantages of organic materials, including heat resistance, weather resistance, dimensional stability (thermal expansion), and flame resistance. Furthermore, it is known that PSQ shows a random structure, ladder structure, and cage structure and shows different characteristics not only by changing the types of organic functional bases, but also the control of such structures, degree of polymerization, or the molecule end group.

PSQ Product Lineup

We hold three composite products, including the resin type having comparatively low-molecular weight, the nano particle type having higher molecular weight, and the cage and the ring types in which the structure is perfectly controlled. We customize existing products by using various types of silane bonding agents according to customer requirements and make proposals for new materials.

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