Development Products

Polysilsesquioxane ? ST/SO Series

Structure-Controlled PSQ - - - ST Series (Silsesquioxane Tetramer)

Features of ST Series

We have developed the cyclic 4-mer 1,3,5,7- tetrapheyl-cyclotetrasiloxane-1,3,5,7-tetraol whose organic functional group is a phenyl group for applications requiring nano-level fine processing or core materials. The compound includes four types of optical isomers stated below, and we have established the synthesizing processes of these composites and all-cis forms.

Product Lineup

Grade Functional Group R Stage
ST -21 Phenyl Lab

Structure-Controlled PSQ - - - SO Series (Silsesquioxane Octamer)

Features of SO Series

The SO Series products are generally called Q8, have an octasilsesquioxane core, and have the structure where eight organic functional group moieties are regularly arranged. The SO Series is the smallest model of silica (SiO2) crystal, which is an inorganic material, and it is attracting attention in recent years as a new material for which development of advanced functions can be expected. Applied researches are being implemented actively in various fields including those of opto-electric materials and nanocomposite materials.

Grade Functional Group R Stage
SO -04 Tetramethylammonium salt Lab
-05 Dimethylsilyl Lab
-06 Dimethylvinylsilyl Lab

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