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Polysilsesquioxane ? SP Series

PSQ Nanoparticle - - - SP Series (Silsesquioxane Particle)

Features of SP Series

Unlike the SP Series products, the PSQ Nanoparticle SP Series products have higher molecular weight, and each one of the particles has excellent functions, such as electrical characteristics, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and repellency. Furthermore, they show very high transparency when the particle size is controlled to 20 nm or smaller.

  • Spherical nanoparticle dispersion liquid having excellent dispersibility
  • Excellent transparency ensured by particle size of 20 nm
  • Refrigency: 1.42 (PMSQ) / 1.54 (PPSQ)
  • Applications: Optical materials, filler materials, etc.

Schematic Diagram of Particles of Water Dispersion Liquid

Schematic Diagram of Particles of Organic Solvent Dispersion Liquid

Product Lineup
The product line up includes the two types: the water-dispersion liquid and organic solvent-dispersion liquid, and we are ready to offer the product in the state that the product is dispersed in various media according to customer requirements. Unlike colloidal silica, the particles of our products are 100% configured with polysilsesquioxane, and the particle surfaces are covered with many organic functional groups, which offer excellent dispersion stability in organic solvents. Conversely, they show inferior dispersion stability in water and, therefore, the stability is secured by adhering the anion-based surface-active surfactant to the surfaces. As a result, impurities are contained in large quantity in the water dispersion type.

Product Quality

  Water-Dispersion Type Organic Solvent Dispersion Type
Solid Content 5~10% 20~25%
Alcohol 7~14% ・・・・
Ammonium Sulfate 500~1,000ppm ・・・・
Dispersion Stabilizer 1~1.3% 35ppm

Product Lineup

The SP Series products include three types whose organic functional group is of methyl, phenyl, and vinyl. We have the particle-size control technology to produce 60 nm or 100 nm size of products, in addition to the core product with the particle size of 20 nm.

Type Grade Functional Group R Particle Size Stage
Water Dispersion Type SP -1120(H20) Methyl 20nm Pilot
-1160(H20) 60nm Lab
-6120(H20) Vinyl 20nm Pilot
Organic Solvent Dispersion Type -1120(MEK) Methyl 20nm Pilot
-1160(MEK) 60nm Lab
-6120(MEK) Vinyl 20nm Lab

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