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Water-Soluble Phenol Resin

Features of Water-Soluble Phenol Resin
Technical Materials

Since DHDPS, which is one of our flagship products, has an electron-withdrawing sulfone group at its center, the hydroxyl groups at both ends have a very strong hydrogen bonding force compared to such compounds as ordinary phenol, cresol, DHDPS A, and tannin acid.

Registry No.3-2169
Registry No.80-09-1

DHDPS (4,4’-Dihydroxy diphenyl sulfone)


We developed various types of anionic water-soluble resins by focusing attention on the features of DHDPS to copolymerize it with sulfonic acid compounds. As an anionized finishing agent that features excellent adhesiveness with the base material, we are developing the resin for the following applications.


Nylon-Fixing Agents
The agents are used as fixing agents for acidic dyes, thereby improving washing fastness and color fastness to light.
Binders of Cationic Materials
The binders are used for anionization treatment of fabric surfaces, thereby imparting cationic antibacterial agents, dyestuffs, etc.
Paper-Fixing Agent
The combined use of the agent with polyethylene oxide (PEO) agglutinates fine pulps. The agent is used for improving the yield rate.

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