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Functional Sulfonated Polymer

We have been developing and manufacturing functional materials base on our own proprietary sulfonation technology throughout the history of the company.
Functions of sulfonate group contain proton conductivity, electron conductivity and hydrophilicity, etc.
We have been challenging to introduce brand new Sulfonated Polymer in recent years. However, we have faced the critical technical problem that molecular weight of the polymer decreases as sulfonation degree increases by the conventional sulfonation method.
We have finally succeeded to overcome such critical problem by inventing our own proprietary technology to produce sulfonated polymers(WO2013/094586 A1).
As the result, the quality of both sulfonation degree and molecular weight of the polymer is satisfactorily achieved.

Example of Sulfonated Polyether sulfone

We hereby introduce two types of Functional Sulfonated Polymer which are
Sulfonated Polyether sulfone(S-PES)and Sulfonated Polysulfone(S-PSU)

Sulfonated Polyether sulfone(S-PES)


Sulfonated Polysulfone(S-PSU)


Table 2 :Tentative specifications



Functional Sulfonated Polymer can be expected to apply for Ion exchange membrane of polymer electrolyte fuel cell and Separator for battery and Separation membrane for water treatment etc.
The following are examples of application of S-PES for water-treat membrane.

Application of S-PES for water-treat membrane
Fouling involves the adsorption or trapping of particles(foulants) that are present in the fluid being transported across the membrane and can be physical and/or chemical phenomenon. Some typical foulants are proteins, lipids, bacteria and so on.
Anti-fouling property has been much more improved by S-PES membrane instead of PES membrane as the water-treatment membrane. The higher sulfonation degree is, the more anti-fouling property improves.
(Test conditions : Test solutions: 50 ppm BSA(proteins)solution、membrane area: 0.006 m2、Flux: 0.2 L/min、Pressure: 0.06 MPa)
 We can offer new functions for our customers by Functional Sulfonated Polymer.

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