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Integral Chemistry (Coordination Type of Chemistry)

We wish we would make our proposals through translating customers' needs into chemical concepts in our own way. In doing this, we wish the proposals should be those that are prepared by going back to the chemical science as much as possible. Further, we want to tackle design and development activities of new functional materials by coordinating almost every scientific field such as opto-electronics and rheology, not limited to chemistry.

Research flow

Latest Technology Information

June 2010 NEW
Intensified and rationalized processes of DHDPS derivatives were completed and started operation.
March 2010 NEW
The report was presented in the Project End Result Rollout of the Cooperation for Innovative Technology and Advanced Research in Evolutional Area (CITY AREA) Program
March 16: Rollout of Wakayama Northern Area
March 24: Joint Rollout with Osaka Central Area
Title: Development of organic/inorganic hybrid material containing silicon
February 2009
The article was published as the special feature of polysilsesquioxane in the Chemical Industry Review
Functional material, polysilsesquioxane, which holds the promise of varieties of possibilities (first part)
February 2009
We exhibited the following newly developed products in the Neo Functional Material 2009 that was held at Tokyo Big Sight:
- Photocuring PSQ Methacryloxy-containing PSQ
- Thermosetting resin Benzoxazine
January 2009
Started the development of new epoxy resin.
As a first step, we examined the polyfunctional glycidyl ether epoxy resin TG3DAS by using 3.3'-Diamino diphenylsulfone, and we were successful in the experimental production of pilot products.
August 2008
We were successful in the experimental production of pilot product of DHDPS F benzoxazine. We started the sample work.
January 2008
We started operation of the development-type plant. We enhanced the environment management level and started the entrusted production of IT/electronic materials, pharmaceutical fine chemicals, etc.

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