Research & Development

IT Customized Manufacturing

We think that the business model of pharmaceutical custom manufacturing can also be applied to the IT (information and electronic) field. We want to help customers throughout the stages of synthesis of laboratory samples, pilot-scale test production and synthesis, and industrialization that involves investments based on the premise of entrusted manufacturing, starting from the development stage of the customer. In the closed development stages of customers, we will make efforts in solving the issue "how we can be recognized by customers as their inside partner."

Entrusted Manufacturing

We accept the entrusted manufacturing of products, including pharmaceutical fine chemicals and IT and electronic materials for which high control levels are demanded.
Our policy is to realize and enhance multipurpose facilities that should play the part of a receiver through continuous investments.
We will execute highly reliable services by utilizing the integrated management system of quality, environment, safety, and the design and development management system.

With the wide-ranging synthesis technologies we own, we will deliver products with quality that matches customers' needs.

  • 1. We provide total support covering from small-lot manufacturing to mass-production manufacturing.
  • 2. We support customers starting from the design and development stages.
Development-Oriented Plant
We can deal with experimental manufacturing and small-lot production in our pilot-manufacturing plant where cross contamination is eliminated.
Multipurpose Mass-production Equipment
We introduced multipurpose equipment that can deal with production in a ton level.
Management System
We provide products to make customers rest assured since our management is backed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

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