Message from the President

Hironori Konishi, President and CEO

In the chemical industries in Japan, the system of business division was pursued historically, and many chemical producers who manufacture intermediates grew in there. We, at Konishi Chemical, also have been gaining a position as a manufacturer of intermediates since the foundation of the company. However, we may say that, as a result of the remarkable growth of chemical industries in China and India, the system of business division made a rapid change throughout the world. In Japan, the cooperative system that can create new values is more demanded for the industry rather than offering a simple role to provide raw materials and intermediates.

So far, we have been operating our business by concentrating our efforts on the development of synthesizing technologies (HOW) of products specified by customers. Toward the new age, however, we will aim to be a company that thinks WHAT we should put forward to respond to customers' needs. With such approach in terms of HOW and WHAT, we will be challenging the design of new functional materials through translating the new technologies and customers' needs into chemical concepts in our own way. We are now moving on with renovating our company to the one that can provide customers with functions by fully utilizing our manufacturing skills or synthesis technologies and can propose new values by expanding the opportunities to face up with customers.

We believe the method of concurrent engineering will enhance our team performance in the in-house process to create values to be offered to customers. We are now involved in enhancing the responding capability to customer by accelerating our activities of cross-departmental involvement and managerial involvement in the initial development phase of new subjects as much as possible.

We also believe another keyword for customer satisfaction is the speed. We recognize the stopwatch starts to count at the moment we receive a request from customer. We want to be a company that keeps challenging the improvement of our responding capability to customers.

Sparkling! KONISHI

Sparkling!KONISHI Sparkling Employee! Sparkling Workplace! Let's go for sparkling new Konishi Chemical!
he catch phrase "Sparkling! KONISHI" represents the organizational activities through participation by all employees, meaning "We will be making a blue-chip company with our bright and vivid actions!" We are promoting visualization by powerfully moving the three gears of beautification, improvement and vitalization.

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